Phoenicians on MovePHX

“This plan supports all of our residents, wherever they live. I like that I’m given a lot of options when it comes to moving around the city. Also, it’s good for the environment and it’s cheaper than gas.” — Jennifer Longdon, disability advocate


“Our quality of life and property values depend on things like public safety, great schools, and people being able to get where they want to go. People and businesses want to locate to areas with unconnected transportation and transit systems that allow them to work, live, and play. That is why the Phoenix Association of REALTORS is supporting Proposition 104.” – Phoenix Association of REALTORS


“I support the light rail expansion in Phoenix. It’s critical for connectivity to the rest of the city, not only to our residents but our community to have access to all culture and riches that we have to offer in south Phoenix.” — Victor Vidales, small business owner.


Proposition 104 will help our aging and senior population by offering transportation alternatives and Dial-A-Ride options. It will promote the overall health of our community through increased bike lanes and make Phoenix a more walkable community. – Maricopa Health Foundation


“I’ve lived in Maryvale my whole life. I used to go to middle school on 35th and Thomas and rode the bus for years. A few years ago, I was teaching at the same middle school and I was still riding the bus. It’s really exciting to see all the improvements going on because in all those years that I rode the bus in middle school, and then later as a teacher, it was really very hard and things needed to be changed. I’m very excited about MovePHX.” — Viri Hernandez, Phoenix resident


“I support MovePHX. We need to create more bike lanes for people who want to ride bikes, and we need to make it easier for people who do so already.” — Lisa Parks, Grid Bikes


“Infrastructure is a key part of our economy. Excellent transportation systems move goods and services, save people time, and connect communities. This comprehensive transportation plan ensures that Phoenix can keep up with growth and expand its economic opportunities. Proposition 104 is vital to the future of the local economy and business climate throughout the entire region. – Arizona Chapter of the Associated General Contractors


“I think it’s very important to have a city where you have more choices. Mobile-to-mobile cities are healthier economically, as well as physically, so I just want to make sure we have those kinds of advantages. I moved to Phoenix from Chandler specifically because of the light rail here. In Chandler, I had no options other than a car. The buses are few and far between down there. But here, there’s more opportunity but it’s still a very prescribed area. So getting the light rail to south Phoenix and west Phoenix and making the bus run better, I think, will be a big help to everyone.” — Sean Sweat, transportation advocate